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Best possible animal transport
With the right crate!
petair tiertransport leistungen transportbox

Important: a proper crate

The service Best possible animal transport

If you want your animal to arrive safely and as relaxed as possible at its destination, you should make sure to choose a proper crate.

International regulations as well as health status and medical certificates must be observed and available when needed. The right size of the crate is also crucial, given the long journey ahead. The animal should be safe in the crate and have enough space - but what does that mean?

As a rule of thumb, the crate should be high enough for the animal to be able to stand up properly. The animal must be able to stand since it will not remain in the crate during the entire journey.

In order to ensure safe, species-appropriate transport of animals, IATA (umbrella organizations of airlines) has created a comprehensive, internationally applicable set of rules. Each airline must comply with the regulations listed, which act as a minimum requirement for the animal transportation by air. These regulations stipulate, for example, that the crates must have a smooth floor and an equally smooth crate ceiling. Attention must be paid to sharp-edged corners, as the animal may injure itself. In addition, the ceiling of the crate must not have a grid, but must be completely closed instead. There must be enough air and viewing windows on the sides of the crate. But be careful: the viewing windows should be made of grids to avoid injuries. In addition, the bottom and the lid of the crate must be screwed together and cannot be held by clips, buckles or similar. The door lock must be fully secure and needs some requirements.

Request your animal transport with the appropriate transport crate now without obligation.

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Trebate kupiti transporter za životinju?

Mi imamo odgovarajućeg za Vašeg ljubimca

Želite u bliskoj budućnosti putovati sa svojim ljubimcem ili jednostavno želite da posjeta veterinaru bude jednostavna? Od sada više nema problema sa pravim transporterom. U PetAiru ćete pronaći kutije različitih veličina, za različite potrebe i za svaku životinju.

Ako niste sigurni koji transporter odgovara Vašem ljubimcu, rado ćemo Vas posavjetovati.

Kupovina transportera za životinje

dog in transportbox

Why are transport boxes indispensablefor transport and travel?

Many pet owners find it difficult to put their animal companion in a box. It feels inappropriate and also more like a punishment. But a solid transport box is exactly the opposite. With a practical dog/cat transport box, you can ensure that your dog or cat is transported safely in the car or on a plane during a flight.

Visit us and see for yourself the advantages of the optimal travel accommodation for your dog, cat, or any other animal companion. Also, we would be happy to bring you the right box for your good boy or girl to the departure terminal at the airport. Just give us a call – our staff is happy to help you. Together, we will find a suitable transport box for your animal friend – which makes flying easy.

What you should also consider:

We know you wish only the best for your animal! Therefore, it is important, for example, not to feed the animal too much prior to the flight, as it is a new and unfamiliar situation for the animal and the air pressure and the climb may upset the animal’s stomach and cause nausea. We also have other tips which can help ensure the best preparation for the animal’s journey. However, one thing must always be observed - the crate must be properly labeled - there must be a “Live Animal” sticker on it with the marking (top/bottom) as well.


PetAir Transportboxen

There are quite a few things to consider when transporting animals. We are happy to speak to you personally about all the possibilities. We always offer a large selection of high quality crates which come in various sizes. These are ready for use - from a chihuahua to a great Dane. Upon request, we will manufacture a custom-made crate, which will, of course, meet the IATA requirements. The crates are comfortable, stable, safe, hygienic and have already proven themselves countless times in airplane transport.

Have a look - you will find us at Gate 26 of Frankfurt Airport.

We are more than happy to bring the right crate for your animal to the departure terminal or you can just give us a call - our staff will be glad to help!

petair tiertransport umzug hunde karton

Which regulations must transport boxes meet?

To ensure safe, species-appropriate animal transport, the IATA (umbrella association of airlines) has drawn up a comprehensive and internationally applicable set of rules. The regulations contained therein must be followed by every airline and are considered the minimum requirement for the air transport of animals.

In these IATA regulations, for example, it is stated that boxes must have a smooth floor and a smooth box ceiling made of plastic. Attention must also be paid to sharp-edged corners, as otherwise, passengers may injure themselves. In addition, the ceiling of the transport box must not have a grid. Instead, it must be completely closed. Also, there must be enough air and viewing windows on the sides of the box to ensure optimal air circulation.

But be careful: the viewing windows should be made of grids in order to avoid injuries. In addition to this, the bottom and top of the box must be made of high-quality plastic that must be screwed together and must not be held in place by clips, buckles, or similar. The door lock in particular must be absolutely secure and has some requirements.  

What else is important?

The size of the transport boxes! After all, your animal companion has a long journey ahead. The passenger should both be safe in the box and have enough space. But what does „enough space“ mean?

As a rule of thumb, you can keep in mind that transport boxes must be high enough for small and large dogs or cats to sit up properly in them. The dog or cat must be able to stand up during the transportation because your four-legged friend will not remain in a lying position in the box for the entire journey. Further tips on how to measure your pet to determine the right size carrier can be found in the blog post "How do I measure my pet".

We can assure you of one thing: PetAir has perfectly suitable transport boxes for every pet – and, should that not be the case, we can manufacture it individually for your companion animal in accordance with IATA requirements.

Request your animal transportation with the right animal transport box for dogs, cats, mice, etc.

Request price online


Checklist before departure:

✓ Does the transport box fit the size of your dog, cat, mouse, etc.?

✓ Is your pet in good health?

✓ Do you have all medical certificates from the vet?

✓ Are dogs, cats, mice, etc. comfortable? (Is a pillow or a blanket in the box?)

✓ Did you overfeed your pet?


Other things you should note:

We know you only want the best for your pet! It is therefore important, for example, not to overfeed your dog, cat, or any other animal prior to the flight. After all, the flight is a new, unfamiliar situation. The air pressure and the climbs can definitely upset the stomachs of dogs, cats, mice, etc. But we also have other tips ready for you in order for you to prepare your animal companion for their expedition in the best way possible.

However, there is one thing that has to be considered no matter what – the transport box must be labeled properly, i.e. there must be a „Live Animal“ sticker and a marking (top/bottom) on it.


petair tiertransport leistungen transportbox liveanimal aufkleber

Transport box as cargo or hand luggage

You ask yourself: „Can I bring my pet as my hand luggage?“ In order for your animal companion to be allowed to travel with you in the cabin, there are a number of airline regulations that must be observed. Often, small, lightweight dogs and cats do not have to travel as cargo. But here, too, suitable transport boxes for small dogs and cats are an important requirement according to IATA and the airlines.

Our partner airline Lufthansa has the following IATA-compliant guidelines:

1) The maximum of 2 animals per person in the cargo hold (transport box) and cabin (soft shell container)
2) The animal and the animal transport box may weigh a maximum of 8 kg when transported in the cabin
3) The minimum age for animals traveling is 12 weeks
4) The animal must be quiet and obey your commands well

Lufthansa, like many other airlines, has exceptions for assistance dogs (dogs for the blind or deaf). Further information is available directly on the airline website: Animals as additional carry-on baggage

Regardless of whose soft paws will be your loyal companion – we at PetAir will accompany you and your pet from your front door to the plane itself.


With our online price enquiry form, you can already determine the costs for your animal transport
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We will then contact you to clarify all further details with you.
We look forward to receiving your enquiry!

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Great service ...

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen abflug

... and professional, no matter where.

- Dieter L.

I have sent a dog to the United States twice using PetAir ...

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen flugzeug aussicht

... once in August 2016 and again now in January 2018. The service was excellent both times: every question has been answered promptly and competently, I have received all the relevant data (flight numbers etc.) within 24 hours and of all the annoying paperwork, I have only had to deal with the absolutely necessary. The care of the dogs during the transportation was to the point. Given my experience, I can only recommend PetAir.

- Volker S.

Send animals... only with PetAir.

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen usa flugzeug

Everything uncomplicated and very good advice.

- Lucy

I used Pet Air to ship my fur baby to New Zealand in November ...

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen usa flugzeug perspektive

... and I could not be any happier with the great service I received. I had contacted a few pet freight companies and Pet Air offered the most competitive, reasonable quote providing the same flight and schedule. Vineet dealt with my enquiry from the beginning to the end and he was always very professional, helpful, informative, quick, going above and beyond to make sure everything is in order. My boy has made it to Auckland sound and safe and will be released from Quarantine tomorrow! Thank you so much Pet Air

- Sal K.

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