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Transport of cats

Your pet is safe with us

You want to move abroad, but don’t want to do so without your cat? No problem - we have you covered!

Are you planning a longer trip or moving abroad and want to take your pet with you? No problem! We can help. Your cat must be a part of the journey! To ensure your pet has a pleasant trip, a few things should be considered. We are more than happy to plan and implement the trip and are there for you from the very beginning. We will see which route is the most relaxing for your cat and the best way it can get to you. Your cat will receive an extensive and complete care throughout the entire journey. In general, the transport of cats is a relatively simple process. However, before the beginning of the journey, you should make sure that the cat is healthy and all the requirements are met, in order for both you and your cat not to experience any unnecessary delays. It is our job to make sure your cat arrives safely and in the most relaxed way possible!

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Transport of cats: Planning is everything

Before any plans are made, we must determine your cat’s health. Is the cat healthy? Has the cat received all the necessary shots and are all the documents available? We will consult you and inform you about everything needed in order for the trip to take place, along with everything you should pay attention to, in detail and on time. Therefore, it is important to contact us ahead of the trip to allow some time for the preparation.

The choice of the crate is also very important. Here you have to pay attention to the size of the crate and any specific needs of your pet. Your cat will spend several hours in the crate and it is therefore crucial that it is comfortable and the crate is adapted to any individual needs. As a general rule of thumb, the crate should be large enough for the cat to stand upright. Should you wish so, we can make a tailored crate just for your cat. If you entrust us with the transport of your pet, you can be sure that all the rules and regulations of the IATA airline association for cat transport have been observed and that your cat is in the best hands. It is our job to make sure the trip is as pleasant as possible and any unnecessary waiting times are avoided. If you and your pet are traveling on separate aircrafts, our employees will attend to your cat’s needs. At PetAir, we care.

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Our services

Transport of cats and more

Animal transport

We care about animal transportation! Your cat is in best hands with our reliable service!
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At PetAir, individual planning and consultation are a given. We respect and consider your wishes and requests! We also offer pick-up and delivery service. Contact us!

Pet crates

A suitable crate is very important for your pet’s journey and should be adapted to the individual needs. We are happy to consult you and find the right crate for your cat that also meets the requirements of the airlines.

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If you wish, we will also exclusively manufacture a suitable crate for your cat. If you do not want to buy a crate, we offer various ones for rent. Let us help!


Given our many years of experience in the field of animal transport for cats, we are familiar with various regulations and entry requirements. Together we will plan the best way for your cat to reach its destination.

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We offer professional, individual and caring consultation. Trust our experience and let us take care of the rest. We look forward to your inquiry!

Never flown a dog..

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen usa flugzeug

Great consultation, friendliness and noticeable competence of the employees helped me a lot. As promised, everything went well. Thank you a lot. I would very much recommend.

- Peter B.

PetAir is doing a great job during this time

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen usa flugzeug perspektive

(…) They try to make everything happen and oer great support!!! They are quickly accessible, as flexible as possible and always quick to respond! Thank you…

- Rave O.

Great service…

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen abflug

… and professional, no matter where.

- Dieter L.

I have sent a dog to the United States twice using PetAir…

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen flugzeug aussicht

… once in August 2016 and again now in January 2018. The service was excellent both times: every question has been answered promptly and competently, I have received all the relevant data (flight numbers etc.) within 24 hours and of all the annoying paperwork, I have only had to deal with the absolutely necessary. The care of the dogs during the transportation was to the point. Given my experience, I can only recommend PetAir.

- Volker S.

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