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PetAir GmbH
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Pet Air GmbH
Frachtmodul A
85356 München Flughafen

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Tel +49 (0) 69-1201 865 50
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Tel +49 89 37040300

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Monday to Friday 6am – 5pm

Wild animals also travel safely with us
PetAir meets the needs of the animals
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Animal Transportation with an all-round service

PetAir - a species-oriented animal transportation is something we care deeply about

Welcome to PetAir! We are your tour operator when it comes to transporting animals. Experience is important in this matter, since animals cannot express what they lack or what they need in order to travel well. Therefore, preparation, planning and organization are essential!

We have you covered. Given our more than 35 years of experience in the field of animal transportation, we know exactly what to do. Our experts know everything about regulations, permits, provisions, guidelines and so on. In addition, we will provide the information about the suitable pet crates and we can also, should you desire so, provide one appropriate for your animal. The PetAir team takes care of the entire trip and is there for both you and your animal from the very beginning. Of course, we take into consideration any individual requirements and wishes. The wellbeing of you and your animal are crucial to us. What can we do for you?


Animal transportation for everyone

Your pet in the best hands

Animal transportation with care

We love animals! Regardless of whether dog, cat, mouse, bird, zoo animal or fish… we give our best when transporting animals by plane! Since animal wellbeing comes first, it is crucial to plan carefully and ahead to guarantee the most stress-free travel possible.


Transport of dogs

You are moving abroad and want to take your dog? We are here to help as quickly and easily as possible.
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Transport of cats

You are moving abroad but don’t want to do so without your cat? No problem - we have you covered.
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Transport of birds

You are moving abroad and wish to take your bird with you? You have come to the right place!
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petair tiertransport teaser kleintiere hase

Transport of small animals

You want to or have to move abroad? Not without your guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits and so on. We will bring your pets safely to their new home.
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petair tiertransport teaser fische

Transport of fish

You are moving or planning a longer stay abroad? You should not have to do so without your fish.
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petair tiertransport teaser reptilien eidechse

Transport of reptiles

You are moving or planning a longer stay abroad? Take your reptiles with you!
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petair tiertransport teaser zootiere jaguar

Transport of zoo animals

For years we have been working with zoos and aquariums to ensure healthy species conservation.
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petair tiertransport teaser gewerblich schaeferhund

Transport of commercial animals

An animal has to be sent abroad? Trust the experts!
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petair tiertransport privat lama

Private animal transports

Ob Hund, Katze, Vogel oder Fisch: Wir kümmern uns darum, dass Ihr Tier ans Ziel kommt.
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petair tiertransport umzug hunde karton

Animal transport for moving

Ein Umzug ins Ausland? Kein Problem! Wir bringen Hund, Katze, Vogel und Co. sicher und gesund ins neue Zuhause.
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petair tiertransport haustiertransport vogel wellensittich

Animal transport for pets

Wir ziehen Ihre Haustiere sicher um! Mit PetAir gesund und munter ins neue Zuhause.
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petair tiertransport zuchttiere schaf

Transport of breeding animals

Ein Tier muss ins Ausland übermittelt werden ? Dann vertrauen Sie den Experten!
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petair tiertransport teaser reptilien eidechse

Animal Transport Insects

You are moving abroad or planning a longer stay there? Just take your insects with you!
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