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Flying when sedated
What we can and cannot do?

Sedatives during animal transport?


The regulations for the transportation of animals are clear. The association of Airlines (IATA), in general, prohibits the transport of sedated animals.

In particular, at the airports the animals will be checked to ensure animal protection has been observed during transport. If you do not comply with the regulations and laws, the animal cannot fly. If a forced stay is necessary, there will be additional costs (cancellation fee for the flight, booking a new flight, care for the animal on site, etc.) In addition, delaying the trip can lead to stress and discomfort for the animal.

Therefore, we urge you to stay away from any sedatives! Your animal’s health and wellbeing depends on it. We are experts in the field of international animal transport and can provide a stress-free journey for your animals even without any sedatives. We care about animal transportation. At PetAir, we care!

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