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Route flights to Dallas & Charlotte
Experience the USA with PetAir!
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Animal transport Dallas/Charlotte

PetAir sends you on an adventure trip

Always wanted to visit the home of the Dallas Cowboys? Or would you rather get a taste of the cultivated city air in Charlotte? The USA invites you with the many cities worth seeing. PetAir now makes it possible to fly to Dallas and Charlotte with your beloved pet. So how about a nice trip to the USA? Your faithful companion is sure to be looking forward to the adventure!

Our partner airline Lufthansa brings you and your pet to the United States, while we at PetAir, as experts in animal transport, take care of your pet's well-being. From check-in to the airport of destination, we help you prepare all the essentials for your flight to Dallas or Charlotte. Whether dog, cat or mouse - PetAir transports almost every animal - and always safely, reliably and with the greatest care.

Don't let your pet travel to Dallas or Charlotte with just anyone, but with the experts from PetAir. This makes the journey a wonderful experience! 

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> Has your pet's rabies vaccination been carried out regularly and is it still valid prior to the trip?

> Do you have a positive blood test for rabies antibodies to bring with you?

Has your pet been microchipped?

> Do you have a European pet passport to identify your animal?

> Is your pet's flight already booked? Is it a direct flight?

> Can you bring your pet into the passenger cabin? Is there a special carry bag or a cargo box?

Do you have a veterinary health certificate for your animal?

> Have you taken your animal to the official veterinarian?
.. No more than 3 days before the flight!

> Have you prepared the travel bag for transport?
.. dog waste bags or similar, (fleece) blanket, water & food bowl and everything else!

> Did you check in on time?
.. 3 hours before departure is sufficient.

> Do you have your pet’s ID card and health certificate at hand?
.. Important for entry and customs!

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Good to know

Things to know before you fly to Dallas or Charlotte

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What should you consider if you want to travel to the USA with your pet?

If you intend to take your pet with you on a trip to the United States, there are a few rules you need to follow. Different import regulations apply depending on the animal. This means that entering the country with a dog or cat is less complicated than entering the country with birds. The basic requirement is that your animal is healthy. A veterinary health certificate for confirmation will usually help you a lot.

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You should find out the exact regulations that apply before you fly to Dallas or Charlotte. You can find out more about this on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s USDA website. Import regulations may vary depending on the state. In addition, the conditions of carriage of your airline are decisive.

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Why are Dallas & Charlotte nice destinations?

Dallas is the third largest city in the wild state of Texas and Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina. Both travel destinations areinviting in their own way. While Dallas combines the big city feeling with primeval natural landscapes and the vastness of the prairie, Charlotte is a cosmopolitan metropolis with many renowned museums.

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Many nature and wildlife sanctuaries in both Dallas and Charlotte invite for long walks and hikes. However, find out beforehand whether you are allowed to bring your pet to the excursion destination. Some nature and animal sanctuaries do not allow pets.

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What do Dallas & Charlotte have to offer for your animal companion?

Traveling to Dallas and Charlotte with your dog is particularly worthwhile for your four-legged companion. Apart from many dog parks like the Bark Park or the Waggin Tail Dog Park, Dallas has numerous pet-friendly hotels and even dog bakeries. Check out the Woof Gang Bakery. PetAir wishes you a great time!

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Are you interested?

Are you planning a move within the EU or a longer stay abroad, where your beloved pet should definitely come along?

PetAir is your partner - we accompany you and your pet safely and reliably from the beginning to the end of your trip (and back again). Because we are experts for animal transport. Whether it's a domestic, zoo or wild animal, it doesn’t matter to us. PetAir ensures a safe journey from start to finish for each one.

If you would like to find out more or get a non-binding price idea, you are welcome to use our online price inquiry form. We will make you an individual offer for the animal transport of your favorite animal.

The individual questions on our inquiry form allow us to create an offer tailored to your needs. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

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Never flown a dog ...

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen usa flugzeug

... Great consultation, friendliness and noticeable competence of the employees helped me a lot. As promised, everything went well. Thank you a lot. I would very much recommend.

- Peter B.

PetAir is doing a great job during this time

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen usa flugzeug perspektive

... They try to make everything happen and offer great support!!! They are quickly accessible, as flexible as possible and always quick to respond! Thank you…

- Rave O.

Great service ...

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen abflug

... and professional, no matter where.

- Dieter L.

I have sent a dog to the United States twice using PetAir ...

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen flugzeug aussicht

... once in August 2016 and again now in January 2018. The service was excellent both times: every question has been answered promptly and competently, I have received all the relevant data (flight numbers etc.) within 24 hours and of all the annoying paperwork, I have only had to deal with the absolutely necessary. The care of the dogs during the transportation was to the point. Given my experience, I can only recommend PetAir.

- Volker S.

We set up our shipment for a military move from Germany ...

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen flugzeug

... back to the US. The team was responsive, professional, and worked with us to find a good price option on multiple carriers. When we showed up with our dogs and crates, they provided a larger one free of charge based on their visual check of our dog’s size inside the crate being a bit snug for the airline we were using. The front office was kind and friendly!

- Danny C.

Send animals... only with PetAir.

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen usa flugzeug

Everything uncomplicated and very good advice.

- Lucy

I used Pet Air to ship my fur baby to New Zealand in November ...

petair tiertransport kundenstimmen usa flugzeug perspektive

... and I could not be any happier with the great service I received. I had contacted a few pet freight companies and Pet Air offered the most competitive, reasonable quote providing the same flight and schedule. Vineet dealt with my enquiry from the beginning to the end and he was always very professional, helpful, informative, quick, going above and beyond to make sure everything is in order. My boy has made it to Auckland sound and safe and will be released from Quarantine tomorrow! Thank you so much Pet Air

- Sal K.

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