Our Terms of Service and Business

We work exclusively on the basis of the German Logistics Terms of Service (ADSp.)

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Seat of the enterprise and place of jurisdiction is Frankfurt am Main.

Pet-Air GmbH is not responsible for the following irregularities when transporting your pet:

  • Flight cancellations by the airline due to technical problems, strike or weather.
  • Airline embargoes due to the political situation (war, terrorist attack etc.)
  • Missing or incorrectly issued entry documents and certificates as well as missing "OK to Forward" by the recipient.
  • Pet-Air GmbH may refuse carriage or forwarding if the transport box is too small, the required health documents are missing or the fare has not been paid.
  • Missing a flight due to inconsistencies in loading, or dirty and damaged cages, as well as unloading of animals due to dangerous goods.
  • The flight times published in timetables may change between the date of publication and the date of booking or travel.