Our Special-Purpose, Air-Conditioned Vehicles for Transporting Pets

Pet Air Fleet of Vehicles Pet Air Fleet of Vehicles

We are happy to pick up our "passengers" at your home anywhere in Europe and bring them to Frankfurt Airport.

We only transport animals using a fleet of special-purpose air-conditioned vehicles, accredited by the EU for animal transportation.

Your pet will travel safely and securely from the beginning with PetAir, whether on the road or in the air.

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If your four-legged friends need to spend the night before the flight in Frankfurt, they will be staying in the animal station.

Specialized staff take care of the animals in the Animal Lounge and provide them with everything they need. Extreme care is taken for their physical well-being as well as any necessary exercise.

The Lufthansa Animal Lounge at Frankfurt Airport is the most modern animal station in the world.