How to determine the size of the transportation carrier


The kennel / crate / pet carrier must be big enough for the animal to stand or sit in an upright position at any time. The animal should be able to turn around and to lie down in a natural position.

Size of animal carrier

A = length of animal from nose to base of tail.
B = height of the animal from paws to wither height (top of front shoulder).
A+1/2 B = recommended length of the carrier.
C = width of the shoulder blade.
C x 2 = recommended width of the carrier.
D = height of the animal in natural position, from paws to head or tip of ears, whichever is the highest point.
Airlines will REFUSE to transport animals in carriers that are too small!!

Pet Air GmbH is NOT responsible for the following irregulations when transporting your pets:

  • If airlines cancel flights due to strikes, the weather or technical problems
  • If a flight is missed because of discrepancies during loading or because of dirty / damaged kennels. Also when pets need to be unloaded because of dangerous goods
  • If airlines call out an embargo due to weather or political situations
  • If documents needed for the import are not correct or even missing as well as if the „OK to forward“ by the consignee is missing
  • Be aware that it is possible that the times of departure stated in the flight plans at booking time can change by the time the actual flight takes place.
  • Pet Air GmbH can refuse a transport or onward carriage if the kennel is too small, the needed Health Certificates are missing or the air fare is not paid.