Information about Kennels for Pet Transportation


To make your pet’s trip a safe one you need the appropriate carrier for it to travel in.

We keep a large selection of kennels, crates and pet-carriers in all sizes in stock, that are suitable for animal shipping and ideal to accomodate all breeds, from Chihuahua to Great Dane.

Upon request, we also make customized crates to fit every type of animal.

Of course our custom-made crates comply with the IATA regulations for animal air transport.

Our kennels/crates are comfortable, sturdy, hygienic and are regularly upgraded to meet the strict standards set by all major airlines.

PetAir is located at Tor 26 of Frankfurt airport. We will bring the kennel or pet-carrier over to the departure terminal for your convenience.

Just stop by to have a look or simply give us a call.

Airlines do not accept the following:

  • Carriers on wheels
  • Foldable carriers
  • Carriers with bars on top
  • Choke chains

Our friendly staff is waiting to serve you!